Ce mai face sufletul tau?

Ce mai face sufletul tau?

Un Ravel de o frumusete siderala si de o sensibilitate emotionanta, intr-o armonie disonanta, ca tristetile noastre…
Un Ravel, asa cum putini il cunosc.  Acesta este un Ravel care imi aduce lacrimile la locul lor.

A Ravel of sidereal beauty and touching sensitivity, into a dissonant harmony, like sorrows within us…
A Ravel as few knows him. This is a Ravel who brings my tears at their place.

Compozitor / Composer: Maurice Ravel (  7 martie 1875- 28 dec. 1937)
Dirijor/ Conductor: Sergiu Celibidache ( 28 June 1912 – 14 August 1996)
Solist/ Soloist:  Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (5 ianuarie 1920- 12 iunie 1995)

Copyright © Laura – Simona Ciocoiu


Te poti ascunde de oricine, doar de tine, nu!

Te poti ascunde de oricine, doar de tine, nu!

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul.
Carl Jung

Oricat de mari ar fi golurile din sufletul nostru avem tendinta sa aratam tuturor ca suntem fericiti si optimisti…

De ce trebuie sa ne ascundem nemultumirea, nefericirea, neplacerea… de ce acestea nu sunt acceptate? Si acestea sunt parte din viata. 

Incotro ne indreptam? Suntem atat de multumiti si fericiti pe cat aratam celorlati?
Igiena sufletului este esentiala. Este vorba de sanatatea noasta mentala si de cea emotionala. Cand avem o problema fizica, mergem la medic, daca ne doare maseaua, apelam la stomatolog…

De ce pare atat de greu sa accepti ca ai o problema sufleteasca si ca suferi? Sau ca nu te simti bine cu tine? Ori cu o situatie in care te afli? De ce este atat de greu sa accepti ca ai ajuns intr-un punct in care nu mai gasesti resursele interioare care sa te ajute sa-ti restabilesti echilibrul?

Fiecare dispune de aceste resurse, doar ca in anumite momente ale vietii, ele sunt blocate, nu mai functioneaza din diverse motive, energia necesara activarii lor, nu mai este deajuns.

Fericirea nu inseamna ceea ce ai, ea depinde de ceea ce esti tu,
de felul in care te simti tu cu tine, de structura ta psihica, emotionala.
Fericirea vine din interior, si nu din lucruri exterioare.

De ce omul asteapta pana cand nu mai poate?

Realizati cat de profunda este suferinta unui om care se sinucide, astfel incat instinctul de supravietuire, care este cel mai puternic, nu mai poate actiona?

Suferinta anihileaza complet acest instinct. Suferinta ( si aici vorbim de sfera emotionala) e atat de profunda si dureroasa, incat nu-i mai poti face fata. Pierderea pe care o traim in adancul sufletului nostru, nu mai poate fi contrabalansata cu nimic, nu mai exista nimic in afara noastra care sa aiba puterea sa ne ridice. Si atunci actul final, vine ca o eliberare…

Din pacate, directia in care se indreapta societatea si studiile arata ca numarul persoanelor cu probleme de sanatate psihica s- a dublat si sunt in crestere…

Tu, cat de fericit/ nefericit esti, de fapt? Poti sa recunosti asta macar fata de tine…
Te poti ascunde de oricine, doar de tine, nu!

Copyright@ Laura- Simona Ciocoiu

Sia- Chandelier ( 1000 Forms of Fear)

Sia- Chandelier ( 1000 Forms of Fear)

This is TRUE ART!!!

Amazing message, voice, song and video!!! In my opinion, this video is a symbolic one. And this is ART.
1000 Forms of Fear is the name of the album – fear is the biggest enemy of the human being and fear can hide itself beyond the normal behavior, or in an apparently normal behavior.
Of course, nowadays, most  people concentrate in seeing things on the surface, and what is obvious.


At the beginning, body is freezing, suspended in the door frame, as it was numbed –  not having negative feelings, ugly parts of  life. Sia’ s portrait is hanging in one of the rooms… We see the image of an untidy, disordered house. This is an insane image.

Empty rooms – you are alone, just with your feelings, your fears (1000 forms of fear), with everything you feel and can be overwhelming at that moment, so, you ‘push it down’.

Sia is a deep soul and I think the video clip was very well organized… This is ART. And ART is symbolic.

The lyrics seem to say it would be about alcoholism, but in fact, I think, this is a metaphor for addiction, for any kind of addiction.
My perception about all the content (music, lyrics, image, movement etc) is a symbolic, a metaphoric image for our 1000 forms fear and for any addiction (alcoholism, drugs, unhappiness).

Addictions (of any kind) are unconscious attempts to cope with negative feelings, or the painful reality, with too strong emotions (especially the shame feeling).
As feelings are so strong and difficult to be managed, the need to hide them and try to control them is stronger, in order to suppress negative emotions.

Sia-Chandelier-music-video-02 nova fm

Here is so much sadness and loneliness, depression I would say, or manic depression, which is transformed into big anger, because depression is an unvoiced angriness.

‘Party girls don’t get hurt’… This is not true, they should smile all the time and entertain others; they must maintain a good atmosphere. Everyone just wants them „for a good time call.” They don’t have ‘ problems’. They fake smiles and are like puppets being controlled by others.

I read on YouTube a lot of comments about this video and about ‘the naked’ girl who dances – Maddie Ziegler – she is amazing!

She is dressed in a leotard costume (nude color, like skin color ) – could be a representation of being emotionally naked… You see the ‘naked’ body, in fact, she is in her ‘naked soul’. Because body is a container of emotions and feelings, so, you don’t see the body. You ‘see’ / FEEL only emotions (if you can feel it). The child is spinning around dramatically searching for help. It could be the inner child within us, the lost, neglected inner child.

I studied movements, the choreography and the space. It seems to be a chaotic, bizarre dance, which seems to be without direction, in order to express the overwhelming feelings and chaos in the mind. It is such a big space there, empty space outside and inside, too. It seems she wants to fill this space with her amplified movement, and to not live such a loneliness and despair, which will be never ending in an empty space.


To expose your emotions, feelings in fact, means to be vulnerable and to be naked. In fact, the power came from accepting this vulnerability. Only a strong person can say I AM WEAK!

Here is such energy and intense movement. The house is empty, only a few portraits and drawings on the walls… all doors are open: ‘ Come in, if you can!’ Push it down- fears are forced to stay inside, not to be externalized.
I have to run from this, ‘here comes shame’ and the shame feeling is so overwhelming.

Sia’s voice cut the deaf silence of this empty space. I hear the voice as a desperate cry for help: Do you hear me? Are you listening to me? Do you feel me? Her voice breaks the heavy loneliness and inner fears when all this goes out and tries to fill the space around.
A fake smile, a strange, artificial smile a creepy image, isn’t it?
Final movement is robotic, repetitive, ending in a state of stillness. Energy decreased and she is in pending. Would you come into my life to see how it really is? Will you stay here, with me to accept me as I am, with my negative sides?

Sia Vevo

Why is the song  named Chandelier?
The Chandelier is so beautiful, in a room where it is, everyone sees it, there’s not anything hidden. But there’s no chandelier, only an opposite image that highlights and amplify the message. This is about something as fragile as human being having fears, addictions, overwhelming feelings…
Maybe this chandelier is just the fragility of human beings. When it falls, you cannot do anything and I think it’s important to be aware of this.

Sia made the video’s lyrics. Here you do not see the face, the body… you just know she is there, because you recognize her after haircut (and voice). Sia is unique. In fact every person is unique (despite the fact that some people try to copy the others). Actually, what I mean is that Sia is authentic. She does not try to emulate anyone’s style, she has an unique and amazing voice and more than this, she has a very strong message. I don’t think you need to show your tits or ass to be recognized as valuable and authentic artist… you do not need to show, even your face… 🙂

Her Live performances are stunning!

I said at the beginning of my opinion THIS IS ART!
ART has the power of containing paradoxical elements and through ART, people can bring together all elements, in order to integrate experiences and inner conflicts.

Music is LIFE.
Fears, bad or negative feelings are part of life. And for ‘ DEAR LIFE’ we need holding on…

Copyright© Laura- Simona Ciocoiu



INSIDE/ OUT (black/ white) sau fragilitatea fiintei umane –  psihologia artei ( 1)

INSIDE/ OUT (black/ white) sau fragilitatea fiintei umane – psihologia artei ( 1)

E foarte ciudat, uneori, cum se leaga lucrurile, cu toate ca sunt convinsa ca nimic nu e intamplator

Cu ceva timp in urma,  am fost la un vernisaj- INSIDE/ OUT (black/ white)-  , dar trairile acelea au ramas in mine… De fapt, cred ca ele au fost dintotdeauna in mine, doar ca atunci a sosit momentul in care ele si-au regasit imaginea in afara mea, au rezonat la ceea ce a fost creat in afara…

Aceasta expozitie surprinde si intriga, izbind cu putere in carcasa fragila a sufletului, prin impactul emotional, prin insight-ul pe care-l poate avea asupra celui care simte  arta si-si da voie sa-si traiasca emotiile, atunci cand ia contact cu ea.

Consider ca arta este o modalitate prin care artistul isi arata sufletul, “ nuditatea”, in fata lumii, prin creatiile sale, si de fapt, asta fac si cei trei artisti prezenti cu o parte din sufletul lor, in fata ochilor si sufletelor noastre.

INSIDE/ OUT (black/ white)  e o expozitie in care trei artisti sustin trei viziuni, trei conceptii si trei modalitati diferite,  incitante, de a surprinde si de a  dezvalui fragilitatea fiintei umane, a vietii, nevoia omului de a- si acoperi goliciunea spirituala si tendinta la dezumanizare si desertaciune pe care o traim zi de zi.

Inside out artists
Predrag Popara  – Roberto Coda Zabetta   – Alessio Maximilian Schroder

Pentru a surprinde aceste aspecte, fotograful Alessio Maximilian Schroder (Italia) alege fotografia alb/ negru, Predrag Popara ( Serbia ) alege  pictura in ulei pe PVC, Roberto Coda Zabetta ( Italia ) realizeaza o instalatie artistica inedita-  desene, schiţe şi corespondenţe personale realizate in stil expresiv, un alt fel de arta in care sunt integrate desene de-ale fetitei sale, carti de vizita ale unor persoane, imagini reprezentand portrete, peste care artistul a schitat  un chip, ce revine obsesiv…

Roberto Coda Zabetta|
Roberto Coda Zabetta ( Italia )
Copyright@ Laura- Simona Ciocoiu

Intreaga expozitie a fost impresionanta, dar eu am ramas pironita in fata fotografiilor lui Alessio Maximilian Schroder

Cred ca atunci cand surprinzi viata in alb si negru, de fapt,  incerci sa captezi sufletul. Atunci cand te concentrezi pe expresia in culori, cred ca de cele mai multe ori pui accentul pe ceea ce se vede, pe aspectele de suprafata, de contact direct. In fotografiile alb/ negru surprinzi esenta, ceea ce nu se vede, ceea ce e ascuns, trairea.

Alessio Maximilian Schroder prezintă seria ‘Exposed’, care isi are originea in experienţa aproape de moarte ( near death experience): a fi atat de aproape de moarte, osciland intre viata  si moarte, atunci cand sufletul iese din corp si se detaseaza de el, creaza perceptia ca organismul este un prag intre interior si exterior, intre propriu şi strain, intre  viata  si moarte, intre aici si acolo.

Alessio Maximilian Schroder
Copyright@ Alessio Maximilian Schroder

Am discutat cu fotograful Alessio Maximilian Schroder despre tema lucrarilor sale, fiindca insightul  resimtit la vederea fotografiilor sale a fost atat de puternic pentru mine si am simtit nevoia sa aflu mai mult despre emotia din spatele fotografiilor, despre ce se afla dincolo de alb si negru, dincolo de imaginile difuze, confuze, care iti ofereau doar o idee vaga despre ceea ce ar fi acolo si nimic mai mult.

Consider, ca  adevarata arta,
lasa privitorului libertatea de a simti emotia si sufletul artistului,
reliefate in creatia sa.

Aceste fotografii  s-au nascut in urma unei experiente aproape de moarte ( near death experience), traita de un prieten foarte bun al artistului.

Imaginile sunt surprinse in miscare sau cu timp de expunere ridicat, tocmai pentru a transmite idea de confuzie si dematerializare, de ireal si halucinatie, de experienta la limita dintre cele doua lumi. Pare a fi surprins caracterul liminal al corpului, rolul sau de “intermediar” intre experienta fizica si cea  metafizica, faptul ca el reprezinta un continator al emotiilor, al trairilor si experientelor noastre. Chiar daca nu constientizeaza atunci ce se intampla, persoana poate sa vorbeasca despre asta, dupa un timp.

Inside out black white
Copyright@ Laura- Simona Ciocoiu

Corpul isi aduce aminte de experientele traite, chiar daca, la momentul producerii lor, acestea sunt confuze, ireale… Senzatia de depersonalizare si disociere se strecoara in privitor si imaginea lipsita de claritate  te ajuta, intr-un fel, sa traiesti senzatia  “ ca si cum ai fi acolo”.  E nevoie de distanta in timp, pentru a te detasa de ceea ce-ai trait atunci  si pentru a putea spune cum a fost, din perspectiva celui care esti acum, dupa o asemenea experienta…

E greu sa pui degetul pe ceva ce e abia perceptibil, si sa spui: asta este …

E ca in psihoterapie, atunci cand clientul nu stie care este „problema” lui, cand nu stie ce simte, ce se intampla, ce e cu el… atunci cand nu poate sa defineasca clar starea, trairea… Si tu, ca om si psihoterapeut, esti acolo, cu el, si il insotesti in experienta regasirii sale…

Predrag Popara
Copyright@Predrag Popara

Dar, dincolo de toate astea, cei trei artisti, in viziunea mea, incearca surpinderea Luminii, captarea ei intre urmele monocromatice ( in picturile lui Predrag Popara), in ochii omului care ne priveste drept in fata ( in creatia artistica a lui Roberto Coda Zabetta), sau in contrastul care-o scoate in evidenta ( in fotografiile lui Alessio Maximilian Schroder).

In toate acestea se afla Lumina,
iar prin ea, suntem mai aproape de sufletul nostru si de spiritualitate.

Copyright© Laura- Simona Ciocoiu

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